Points to ponder for aspirants seeking for Study Visa for Canada.

With Canada, people are being benefitted with great opportunities for India. The place does not only provide quality education but also opens the door for various opportunities, where people from corners of the world are willing to immigrate to be a permanent resident of Canada. So, its very important to get permission to study in Canada, so that you can make your way for immigration. Canada also takes care for those scholars who want to grow academically as well as want to work as well, but without approved study Visa, you won’t be able to work post studies or get a PR visa.

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Applying for a  Study VISA for Canada

Well, now you must be looking forward to how to apply for this application of study Visa for Canada and get it done successfully. I will mention them step by step;

Step 1:- Apply for the college or the university of your choice and receive the acceptance letter from the very college.

Step 2:- Once you get your acceptance letter in your hand, you need to attach your visa application with your acceptance letter.

The most important fact, you need to keep in your mind that along with your application you need to have sufficient funds so that you can cover the expenses of tuition fee in Canada as well as your living expenses while you consider living in Canada during your studies.

Tuition Fees
The immigration board of Canada wants to assure your comfortable stay in the country. Thus, they ask you to submit the proof of your financial status, so that can cover your tuition fees of at least one year. Just keep one thing in mind that you need to submit clear and correct documentation showing that a sufficient amount is available for you to complete your studies. Just for you to know that the amount to be shown there is for your study visa and the time you start your studies over study visa for Canada, you can start working for 20 hours per week during your studies and while breaks or on weekends you can work for full times too, this additional income supports the students a lot. Their financial strength with their experience of work too. Cosmo Consultants, the study abroad consultants in India will help you out with student loans, to strengthen your financial background and help you in studying abroad.

Connectivity with Your Home land
Remember that study visa can be a way to PR visa or work visa, it does not assure you with such facilities. The study visa is itself a temporary in nature, you have to maintain a great bond with your country’s immigration officer. Your academics speaks volume to support your request for the work visa or permanent resident visa. else, you will have to return to your country post your studies. If you have family or relatives based in Canada, you need to prove this point with exact paperwork. If you have any co-owned or independently owned assets in the country, it can be used as your additional support. Also, some people have a job offer after they complete their studies. These proof will also help you in returning to Canada.

Well, all these procedures will help your visa application to be a success.   

For more clear ideas and guidance over study visa applications, Cosmo Consultants, study abroad consultants in India will help you if you want to increase the chances of securing your study visa for Canada.

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